Version: 1.2 CovenantRecords.US
Effective Date: May 06, 2021

Solicitation Policy
The CovenantRecords.US solicitation policy outlines our guidelines for conduct and informs users on our commitment to their well-being.
1. CovenantRecords.US and our partners do not ask for or collect personal information for any reason.
2. Third party internet activity monitoring has nothing to do with us, and by continuing to use our products and services, you take full responsibility of your internet data’s susceptibility and agree to only pursue legal action against the third party solicitors themselves for any unwanted solicitation.
3. We would like to be informed personally of any event or encounter you think is connected to your usage of our products or services so that we may keep our content safe and secure for all in the future. You can send your incident reports to Biz@CovenantRecords.US.